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Emergency Fire Boardup & Tarping

Emergency Fire Boardup & Tarping

When your home or business is damaged in a fire related disaster, it is often left exposed to the elements. Broken windows, damaged doors, and compromised walls or roofing can leave your property vulnerable to further damages. At Panhandle Restoration, we offer emergency fire board up and tarping services. Our technicians will arrive at your property, and after a through inspection of the damages, begin to secure any damaged or exposed areas to prevent inclement weather, wild animals, even vandals from getting into your home or business.

 Fire Boardup Process

Fire Board up Process

Fires can be extremely damaging and depending on the extent of the damage, the board up process can change quite a bit, but in any case, our fire board up process includes these steps:

  • Emergency Fire Response
  • Free Fire Damage Inspection
  • Custom Fire Restoration Plan
  • Fire Board Up & Tarping
  • Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Restoration Company

Fire Restoration Company

Fire related disasters cause a significant amount of damage. Beyond just charred and fire damaged materials, a fire will cause excessive amounts of soot and smoke damage, and due to the extinguishing methods uses will often include water damage. This is why calling a fire damage restoration company, like Panhandle Restoration, is so important. A professional company will have the equipment and experience needed to handle every aspect of the fire damage, and a turn key restoration company like Panhandle will take care of every aspect of fire damage restoration. From initial inspection and board up, all the way through the final repairs, you can count on us to get your property back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Types of Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Fire damage is extremely destructive and can be very difficult to restore without needing to simply replace the materials and items that were damaged. Fire will destroy most materials, both organic and synthetic, and while professional companies will be able to preserve more of your property, this is among the most difficult of damages to restore successfully.

Smoke & Soot Damage

Smoke is simply huge quantities of tiny burnt materials, soot, that are carried far and wide by the hot air caused by the fire. Depending on the type of materials burned in the fire, the smoke damage can vary greatly and the methods used to clean the smoke will need to adjust accordingly or else there is a risk of spreading the damage.

Water Damage

Water damage is caused by the firefighters in their effort to extinguish the fire and salvage as much of your property as possible. The issue is that water damage is also extremely destructive and and any standing water remaining will need to be removed quickly before further damage can be done. Working with a professional restoration company is the best option when it comes to fire damage.

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