Fire Damage & Water Damage Restoration Services


If your property has been affected by the rain and snow, Panhandle can help. We’ll get rid of all the standing water, and then we’ll fix whatever caused the problem—whether it was caused by a burst pipe, damaged roof, or improper insulation. We’ll also restore any damaged contents and provide any necessary reconstruction services. Our emergency response services include:

Flood water extraction and flood damage cleanup, water removal, and dehumidification
Contents restoration
– Structural cleaning and reconstruction
Sewage Backup Cleanup
Water Damage Repairs
Mold removal & mold remediation


Fires can sweep through homes and businesses in just a matter of minutes. A rapid response is necessary to ensure that the damaged areas of the building aren’t a complete loss. As soon as the flames are extinguished, give the fire damage recovery experts at Panhandle a call. Our team of experts can deal with even the most severe types of damage, and they will ensure a thorough restoration process.

Emergency Fire Board Up
Fire, smoke, and water damage cleanup
Smoke damage cleaning
– Contents restoration and structural cleaning
– Deodorization and decontamination
Reconstruction services


No matter where you live, devastating storms can blow through at any time. From strong winds to blizzards, home owners and business owners in the area should be prepared to deal with any kind of weather related disaster. Fortunately, when you have the storm damage recovery experts at Panhandle on your side, you can know that you’ll get the best service possible in the event of a disaster.

– Wind damage cleanup
Interior and exterior reconstruction
– Wall, ceiling, and floor repairs
– Flood water extraction


Mold growth is one of the great unseen dangers in homes and businesses. Uncontrolled growth can create serious indoor air quality problems, and threaten the health of your family or employees. If you have any reason to suspect mold growth on your property, call the remediation experts at Panhandle. We’ll quickly and thoroughly remove the mold and take steps to ensure that it doesn’t come back.

Containment of growth area
– Sealing off moisture source
– Removal of the mold
– Drying and dehumidification


At Panhandle, we strive to uphold the highest standards of care in our work. In order to perform our restoration service effectively and completely, an antimicrobial may be used to control microbial growth. We are proud to say that every consideration has been given in choosing an antimicrobial that will not introduce additional health risks or compromise indoor air quality.

– We use antimicrobial extracts
– Kills 99.99% of bacteria
Does not contain any carcinogens or toxicants
– Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and ammonia

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The largest disaster restoration contracting organization in North America, DKI connects more than 400 independent member companies, sharing knowledge and resources to respond to property damage of all types and sizes. DKI shares our values of teamwork, accountability, and social responsibility and is an integral part of the “Panhandle Difference.”