Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping your carpet clean requires a lot of maintenance — you have to vacuum weekly, treat stains immediately after something is dropped or spilled, and deep clean yearly. 

The deep clean, while being the task with the longest deadline, is arguably the most important. It can be tedious, however, as it requires specialized equipment that must be either purchased or rented, requires special cleaning solutions, and takes the most time as each spot must be covered thoroughly at least once.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to do the deep cleaning for you has a wide range of benefits, from increasing your home’s cleanliness and air quality to improving how the carpet looks. If you’re debating whether or not to hire a cleaning service for this year’s deep clean, read on as we list many of the benefits of doing so.

Remove Odors and Stains

No matter how hard you try, sometimes stains and odors will manage to embed themselves into your carpet. Whether it’s because something was spilled or dropped and you couldn’t clean the mess in time, or you accidentally used the wrong carpet cleaner, the result’s the same: there’s now a semi-permanent mark on your carpet. 

If a cleaner isn’t properly neutralized, something stinky was spilled, or any number of other things occurred, there may also be spots on the carpet with their own “perfume,” which can be really tricky to remove on your own. Luckily, professional carpet cleaners specialize in this area. They use high-end cleaning tools and cleaners to reach deep into the carpet’s fibers and completely remove embedded dirt and debris. 

Since stains and odors cling to these particles, removing them will most likely remove the stain and almost always remove the odor. Even if the stain isn’t removed on the first try, the stronger stain treatments and cleaning tools professionals have access to will likely do the trick.

Extend Longevity

As dirt is tracked onto the carpet, it will begin to embed itself. When it succeeds, it will stiffen carpet fibers, make it more difficult to clean, and make the carpet more susceptible to damage. 

Removing loose debris is the best way to prevent this, and weekly vacuuming helps do this. However, you can’t vacuum every square inch of the carpet all the time, so some dirt will inevitably end up outside of the vacuum’s reach. This is why a deep clean is important: carpet cleaning tools reach farther than a vacuum can and utilize cleaners and soaps to help remove the embedded dirt. 

Professional cleaners use these tools and their experience to ensure that every square inch of your carpet benefits from a deep clean. When they’re done, not only will your carpet be softer, but it will also be more resistant to damage and last longer than it otherwise would have.

Save Time

Deep cleaning your carpet can easily be an all-day affair for you. Not only do you need to 

purchase the proper cleaner, but you also need to buy or rent a carpet cleaner and vacuum each room before using it. Furniture will need to be moved, the cleaner’s bucket will need to be emptied and refilled multiple times, you’ll need to get the entire carpet multiple times, and this entire process will need to be repeated for every room. 

Even doing a single room is exhausting and time-consuming. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner, however, will save you time. The equipment they use is more powerful than what’s available for everyday people and will therefore take less time to clean your carpet with. This, paired with the professional’s experience, allows what might take you all day to take them a few hours. On top of this, some carpet cleaners will even move the furniture themselves, saving you even more time.

Improve Appearance

Over time, the amount of embedded dirt and debris will increase, darken your carpet, and slowly ruin its visual appeal. This process is slow, and you may not notice it as it happens. On top of this, as things are dropped and spilled onto the carpet, they will also begin to stain and leave discolored spots all over. 

Since professional carpet cleaners use equipment designed to remove this debris and the stains attached to it, the carpet will look brand new when they’re done. You’ll be surprised at how dark and dirty the carpet has truly become, and you’ll be much happier walking around in your home that now looks brighter and feels cleaner.

Increase Air Quality and Health

This last benefit is undoubtedly the most important one listed here. As mentioned above, dirt and debris get tracked onto your carpet and begin to embed themselves deep within the fibers, making them difficult to remove as they sit outside the reach of your vacuum. 

As the dirt sits there, it will attract and collect other unwanted particles, such as pollen, bacteria, and much more. If these particles don’t settle in before the fibers are disturbed, they may dislodge and begin floating through the air. Either way, they’ll be negatively affecting the health of everyone in the household, from increasing your allergy symptoms to actively making you sick. 

As you might suspect, removing this debris will also remove the allergens and bacteria it has collected. A professional carpet cleaner is the best to do this since they’ll go over every inch of your carpet with their high-end equipment and cleaners multiple times to ensure your carpet is as clean as possible. Once they’re done, you’ll literally be able to breathe easier as you enjoy your newly cleaned carpet.

Say Goodbye to Dust and Allergens with Professional Carpet Cleaning

While there are many benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners listed here, there are a lot more that we didn’t cover. If the time is coming for your deep cleaning and you want to do it right, hire a professional carpet cleaning service like the experts at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration. You and your carpet will thank you for it.

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