Janitorial Cleaning Services 101

Everything needs to be cleaned at some point, and public facilities need to be cleaned regularly. Stores, restaurants, arcades, and more, must be cleaned regularly to continue looking appealing and stay safe and relatively germ-free. Hiring professional janitorial teams is one of the best ways to keep these areas clean.

In this article, we’ll cover the different ways these janitorial teams can clean, what you can and should expect from them, and the consequences of failing to do so. Read on to learn what will and won’t work best for your space when it comes to using janitorial cleaning services.

Zone Cleaning vs. Team Cleaning

When janitorial teams are hired, they’ll tackle the job in one of two ways: assign one or two people to specific areas, known as zone cleaning. Or, they will have a team of specialists who focus on one type of cleaning, called team cleaning. 

While both methods will ultimately get the job done, they each have their ups and downs that make them better or worse for particular jobs.

Zone Cleaning

Zone cleaning can be beneficial for medium and small spaces, as one person will be completely responsible for the tasks in their zone. 

For example, if a janitor has to clean a room continuously, they’ll begin to notice which spots collect dirt and dust more and can pay special attention to those areas. They’ll also have their own equipment, and they won’t have to wait for a colleague to finish their tasks before completing their own. There are downsides to this method, however.

The zone cleaning method was often used for large buildings, with cleaners frequently assigned to clean entire floors independently. Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, taking out the trash, and all of the other cleaning tasks for the entire floor fell on a single person’s shoulders. They have a lot to do and keep track of, so they may forget a task or multitask, decreasing efficiency. 

On top of this, every cleaner had an entire set of equipment so they could complete all of their tasks, which could prove to be expensive. Due to this expense, old equipment may sometimes be used even as it begins to fail to try and save money, which isn’t ideal. For some spaces, zone cleaning can work, but it proves to be an inefficient hassle for large buildings.

Team Cleaning

Team cleaning can prove to be incredibly effective in a multitude of different situations and spaces. Many team cleaners will split up their specialists differently, but they’ll tend to have a bathroom specialist, a vacuum specialist, a general specialist, and more. 

By splitting up the tasks this way, each member becomes familiar with their area and will be more apt to take the time and effort required to clean the area completely and correctly, leading to a cleaner space overall. To add to the benefits, each team member will be equipped with what they need to complete their special tasks. 

Instead of every person carrying a massive cart of supplies, they’ll each only have a few tools they’ll need. This saves money since each member doesn’t need a massive set of tools, and it increases efficiency as older tools will be replaced more often.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows with team cleaning, however. Should a team member be unavailable, their tasks may be left to the general specialist instead. This removes the extra hand they may provide to other team members, which may slow them down and cause the affected area not to be cleaned as thoroughly since the general specialist isn’t as familiar with the area as the regular specialist.

Both zone cleaning and team cleaning have their ups and downs. As you hire a professional janitorial team for your space, determine which method will work best to hire the best and most specialized janitorial team possible.


To receive the highest benefits from your janitorial team, you need to know what you want to see from them and clarify those expectations before and as you hire them. Ensure they know how busy your space is, which areas may need more cleaning, what chemicals they can and can’t use, why, and whatever else they may need to know. 

If you have any questions, make sure you know who to contact to get answers. Also, get an idea of their plan and schedule so you can inform them of any hiccups or changes they need to make before beginning. So long as both parties clearly communicate their expectations to each other, you shouldn’t have any problems.


Should you hire the incorrect team, whether they use methods that don’t work well for your space, their equipment is inefficient, or some other issue occurs, you’ll know. The look and smell of your space may begin to suffer and, if left unchecked for too long, may even have long-lasting consequences. 

Stains that won’t come out, smells that linger, and more could be created if ineffective cleaning teams are left to their own devices. If you notice that the cleaning team isn’t doing as well as they should, contact them to discuss the matter. Figure out why it’s happening and try to reach a solution, or, if this isn’t possible, just hire a new cleaning team. 

Remember that the consequences of a lackluster cleaning job shouldn’t be underestimated, as it not only decreases the visual appeal of your space but also poses a health risk.

Residential Benefits

If you don’t have a professional space that needs to be cleaned, you want a break from cleaning, or you think your place needs a professional deep clean, be sure to keep the advice above in mind as you search for a team to clean your home. 

Try to find experienced, highly-rated cleaners, like the experts at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration, who will listen to your needs and expectations — the effort will be well worth it in the end.

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