Hiring Janitorial Service

Your workplace’s cleanliness is important for a wide variety of reasons, but how clean is your space? If you’ve been cleaning the place yourself with the occasional assistance from your employees, or if you’ve hired the wrong janitorial staff, your building may not be as clean as you’d prefer.

There could be dust trapped in hard-to-reach places, debris accumulating in the grout of your tiled floors, and more. To avoid these issues and reap a wide range of benefits, a handful of which are listed below, you should hire a professional janitorial cleaning service to clean your workplace.

Save Money

This may sound odd at first, but it’s true. If you’ve hired a less-than-adequate janitorial team or if you and your employees do the cleaning yourselves, spots may get missed. Dirt and dust will accumulate and linger in locations you didn’t think to check, or that are difficult to see and reach. If this dust remains for too long, it may begin to affect the object it’s sitting on, leave a stain, or become difficult to remove. Over time, it may even begin to stink. 

If a piece of equipment is left dirty, it could begin having trouble functioning and eventually break, and the same is true if the equipment is cleaned improperly. Debris will begin to embed itself into your carpet, allowing odors and stains to set in and making cleaning difficult. This will also harden the carpet’s fibers and make it less damage-resistant, shortening its overall lifespan.

A professional cleaning service is aware not only of the risks of failing to clean properly but also of which places may need extra attention. Their specialized equipment will easily remove stains and odors, and they have no need to rush, allowing them to take their time and clean everything meticulously.

Stay Healthy and Productive

All of the built-up dust and dirt has another side effect you may not have considered: it will decrease the air quality. The HVAC system will push air through its ducts and throughout your workplace, picking up and spreading not only the debris and allergens already in the air but any it may have disturbed from dusty surfaces as well. 

This will increase your employees’ allergy and asthma symptoms and can even make them sick. This untouched dirt is the best place for unwanted substances like bacteria and mold spores to collect and spread. Cleaning these spots and removing this debris is the only way to prevent this and improve your air quality, which will make your workplace healthier and more productive.

A professional janitorial team will utilize their experience to know which spots are hard to reach or see and can spend extra time on them to ensure all of the debris is removed. This will prevent many of these issues from setting in, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, productive team of employees.

Make Good Impressions

Leaving a good impression on your clients is just as important as saving money and maintaining a healthy workplace. After all, if a dirty work environment chases clients away, there won’t be a place to work at all. While you and your employees or your cleaning team will do your best to make your workspace look as squeaky clean as possible, there may be areas you forget or that don’t seem all that important, so they are overlooked. 

For example, the reception area must look perfect, as it’s the first thing many of your clients will see as they walk through the door. As such, you dust every desk, table, and counter thoroughly and mop and buff the floor until you can see your reflection in it, but maybe you just give the furniture a quick look to make sure it’s not stained and pay it no further attention. By doing this, you’re allowing the furniture to build up dust, which allows it to retain odors and makes it easier to stain. From a distance, it may look fine, but, in actuality, it needs a lot more attention.

A janitorial cleaning service knows that in order for you to succeed, your business needs to look beautiful and smell fresh. They’ll thoroughly dust each surface, mop, and buff every floor until it looks as good as new, and they’ll deep clean furniture to remove odors, dust, and stains. Not only will you be impressed as you walk through the building the next morning, but your clients will be, too.

Save Time With Janitorial Cleaning Services

By hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service, you’ll be saving yourself and your employees quite a bit of time. If you attempt to clean your workplace on your own every night before going home, you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning when you could relax at home instead. Even if you have the highest quality tools you could find, there will be many places you’ll have to spend extra elbow grease to clean, and even after all of this effort, you’ll still miss a spot or two that will take even more time to clean when you find them.

A professional team, on the other hand, already knows which areas need extra attention and can use the appropriate cleaners and tools to make those areas spotless. On top of that, janitorial teams can get their hands on high-end, specialized equipment that you may not have known existed. 

The equipment they utilize is more powerful than what’s on the general market and will naturally take less time to clean than it would take your tools. Their experience has also taught professional teams a few tricks that can make the cleaning that must be done by hand faster as well.

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a janitorial cleaning service. If you’d like to hire a janitorial team and reap these benefits, contact Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration Services. Not only do we have extensive experience with commercial janitorial work, but we also have experience with restoration and construction work, all of which can benefit your business tremendously.

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