Commercial Space Cleaning Checklist

You need your workplace to be spick and span every day, not only to create a good impression on everyone who walks through the front door but also to ensure your workplace is as healthy and safe as possible. 

There are a lot of places to keep clean, however, so how do you ensure that every area receives the attention it deserves and each task is completed? With a detailed cleaning checklist, of course. Read on to see what essential tasks must be completed daily, weekly, and monthly to help keep your workplace clean and pristine.

Kitchen and Pantry Cleaning

Your workplace’s kitchens, pantries, and breakrooms often need the most attention, as they’re often the most trafficked and eaten in. Furthermore, failing to keep them clean can potentially result in you and your employees falling ill. Here are the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks that these areas require.


First, you’ll want to dispose of any trash that is left lying around. Then, wipe down any countertops, tables, chairs, or stoves. You’ll also want to wipe out the microwave. Check every coffee pot for leftover coffee and grounds, and dispose of them. Wipe out the sinks and refill the soap dispensers if necessary. 

Check the fridge for any expired items and throw them out along with any leftovers not marked to be kept. Replace the dirty kitchen towels with clean ones. Make sure these old ones get washed. Once everything else looks clean, sweep and mop the floor, then take out the trash.


Once every week, the microwave, refrigerator, and any other appliance need to be thoroughly wiped down. This includes the inside of the fridge and each shelf. You’ll want to polish any glossy hard floors and scrub any tiles thoroughly. If there are any kitchen mats, this may be a good time to vacuum them. 

You’ll also want to double-check all of the items in the fridge. If there are any items in hard-to-see places, make sure they’re not expired and toss the ones that are.


The monthly cleaning tasks include reaching into the hardest-to-reach places and thoroughly cleaning them. This includes ceiling fans, light fixtures, the top of refrigerators, and more. Every item in the fridge should be checked to ensure nothing is expired at this point, as failing to miss something now could cause a larger problem. 

You’ll also want to perform a deep scrub of every appliance, inside and out. If you have a coffee maker, consider running vinegar through it to clean and disinfect the difficult-to-reach brewing parts. Vacuum every vent and disinfect every window covering as well. Once done, your freshly deep-cleaned kitchen will look spotless and smell fresh.

Restroom Cleaning

Your restrooms are another place that must be cleaned thoroughly — falling to do so not only poses a health risk and can leave some nasty stains and disgusting odors behind.


Ensure there is no trash on the counters or floors, then remove the trash and replace the liner. Next, you’ll want to disinfect the sinks, toilets, and urinals thoroughly. Clean the mirrors as well, even if they look clean. Water that splashes up onto the glass may not leave a mark at first, but it will as it dries and evaporates. 

Disinfect everything, from door handles to hand dryers. While you’re at it, test all of the soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and hand dryers to make sure they work. If they don’t, try to find the problem and hire a professional to repair them as necessary. Refill the soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and toilet paper holders. Finally, mop the floor.


The weekly cleaning is the time for deep scrubbing. Sinks and tiles need to be thoroughly scrubbed. If any spots on the stalls, toilets, urinals, or mirrors need extra attention, now is the time to provide it. Once again, troubleshoot and ensure that everything is in working order. Fix whatever may be broken.


Reach up into the spaces between the stalls and the ceiling and into the spaces between each stall and its doors to give them a good scrub. Any difficult-to-reach spots need to be reached. 

Vents and window covers need to be removed, vacuumed, and otherwise sanitized. If anything is broken, now is a good time to get it repaired. Make sure the floor is scrubbed thoroughly and looks as good as new.

Reception and Office Cleaning

The reception office is where you’ll encounter your clients and where they’ll begin forming their first impressions of you, so it needs to be spotless. You and many of your employees will spend a lot of time in your offices, so keeping them clean and healthy is a must.


Start by dusting all the desks and cubicles, including computers, keyboards, and printers. Watch for any trash as you go, and make sure to take it out and replace the liner as well. If there are any items from the kitchen are lying around, return them and clean them once it’s time to tackle the high tasks. 

Vacuum or mop your hard floors, and watch for any spots that may need further attention. Disinfect all surfaces your employees may touch. Finally, clean the windows and dust any window coverings.


This is when you clean not only the inside of the windows but the outside as well. Remember, this is not only to keep your place healthy for your and your employees’ sake but also to impress your clients, something a dirty window won’t do. 

If you think you may have missed a spot during your daily clean, make sure to get it now. Disinfect everything thoroughly, from door handles and keyboards to the community printers, fax machines, and phones.


Vacuum and disinfect your window coverings and vents, and thoroughly scrub every window. Disinfect the furniture and use wood polish to make your wooden furniture and flooring shine. 

If any difficult-to-reach spaces exist, now is the time to move things and clean those spots. This is also a good time to go through your filing cabinets and drawers. Sort your documents and decide which ones you need to keep, which ones you need to hold onto for just a bit longer, and which ones you can discard.

Get Professional Help If Needed 

By ensuring that every item on this checklist is completed when it needs to be completed, you can take pride in your spotless space. If these tasks are too much for you to handle, consider hiring a professional cleaning service, like the professionals at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration. We’ll take care of all of these responsibilities and more for you, allowing you to work easier in your fresh, clean workspace.

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