Professional Cleaning Services

Air Duct Cleaning

When you notice that it’s time to get air duct cleaning services, give Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration a call. Our trained and experienced air duct professionals will assess the situation and determine if dirty air ducts are affecting your home’s air quality.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Panhandle’s professional carpet cleaning services offer a wide range of options for your home or business. Our carpet cleaners are highly trained, and they can be trusted to treat any of your floor coverings with care, no matter how valuable or difficult to clean they may be.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crimes that occur on your property can be traumatic. After the police have left, we’ll come in and cleanup every trace of the crime from your property. The team at Panhandle are trained and licensed to provide crime scene cleanup services.

Hiring Janitorial Service

Maid Cleaning Services

Panhandle’s maid cleaning services are acclaimed as some of the best. They are thorough in all their cleanup services, and they will leave your home looking spic-and-span. You can specify the areas that are your highest priority. No matter your cleaning needs, Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration can help!

New Construction Cleanup

When you’re in need of cleanup services after any sort of construction project, give the professionals at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration a call. We can do everything from picking up any remaining debris and trash to deep cleaning all the surfaces in the affected areas of your home or business.