Cleaning Options for Janitorial Services

Janitorial services offer a wide range of services, not just daily and deep cleaning. These other options work great if you feel a full, deep clean isn’t necessary, but a specific area needs to be addressed more thoroughly. 

This article will discuss a handful of these specialty cleaning options and their benefits. Remember that while all of these options are available for commercial spaces, many are also available for residential spaces.

Post Construction

Construction work is messy. Saw dust flies everywhere, screws can be dropped and lost, your building may be open to the elements during the process, and much more can leave your freshly built or renovated space feeling a bit grimy in places. This is why many janitorial services offer post-construction cleaning services. 

They not only ensure the obvious walls and floors are swept, wiped, and spotless, but they may also go out of their way to ensure light fixtures, baseboards, trims, and more are equally spotless. This makes your building even more beautiful and prevents future messes by removing this excess debris before you and your employees can disturb and track it around.

To add to the benefits of post-construction cleaning services, some janitorial teams will contact the construction team to get an idea of what’s being done, how long it will take, and how soon they can begin cleaning. They use this information to create a plan for you and do everything they can to meet your deadlines. This communication allows you to start setting up plans and preparing for any possible setbacks or issues that may arise that would otherwise catch you off guard.

Hard Floors

While your daily janitors work hard to clean your hard floors multiple times a day, there will be times when they need a deeper clean done by a team that won’t be distracted by any other janitorial duties. 

This is a common occurrence, so most janitorial services offer a hard floor cleaning option. However, not all services will clean all types of hard floors. To know whether a cleaning service will clean your floors, you can either peruse their hard floor page on their website or contact them via phone or email.

During a hard floor clean, the janitorial team will meticulously mop, scrub, and buff your floors to make them spotless and restore their glossy shine. Depending on the service and what the floor needs, they may even offer to reapply a finish for you.

Hard floor is a broad term that covers everything from tiles and ceramic to hardwood floors. The issue with hardwood flooring is that it requires different maintenance than many other hard floors. If hardwood isn’t listed on the service’s site, try searching for a page with hardwood cleaning in the title. You can also give them a call or send them an email if you’re struggling to find the information on the website.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Carpets require a lot of maintenance. They must be spot treated immediately after something is dropped or spilled; they must be vacuumed frequently, potentially daily if the area is heavily trafficked; and they require a deep clean at least once a year. Even with all of this work, the carpet will start to look dingy and will become stained over time. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will benefit your carpet in several ways. 

For one, their specialized equipment and cleaners can reach and remove the dirt, allergens, and other unwanted debris that sits outside of a vacuum’s reach. Not only will this remove any bacteria and odors, making your workplace cleaner and healthier, but it will also remove any lingering stains. Even if this doesn’t completely remove all of the stains, it will make them lighter and allow for other stain treatments to remove them. 

One of the biggest benefits of professional carpet cleaning is that it will improve the lifespan of your carpet by removing stains, returning the carpet’s original color, and removing the dirt that is stiffening the fibers and making them more susceptible to damage.

Upholstery and Leather

It’s not just your flooring that needs a good, deep clean occasionally. Your furniture will also benefit from being professionally cleaned, which is why many janitorial services provide this option. They know what products work on what fabrics, which cleaners to avoid, what tools to use, where the hard-to-reach spots are, and more. 

Using this knowledge on your furniture will remove any lingering stains and odors, reduce the effects of heavy use, and improve the look and lifespan of your favorite furnishings. Many will even perform this deep clean on-site, allowing you to use your furniture again when you open the next morning.

Restoration and Disaster Cleanup

Sometimes, disaster strikes. Whether this means some frayed wires in the walls spark a fire or the weather hits your business hard, you’ll need some restoration and distant cleanup afterward. Before hiring your preferred cleaning service, ensure they can handle any mess you face. 

For instance, if there was a fire, could they safely clean up the smoke damage? If there was water damage, do they know what needs to be done to clean the area completely or what to do if they recognize mold growth? Many might not, so your search needs to be done carefully and meticulously to ensure your space gets the care it needs.

If you’re looking for commercial restoration, disaster cleanup, or general janitorial services, the experts at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration might be able to help. Our janitorial teams can easily handle your space, whether it’s a small office building or a large complex. We offer a wide range of disaster cleanup services and have experience cleaning water, fire, and storm damage — and we can even deep-clean mold and ensure it doesn’t come back. 

When disaster strikes, keep us in mind; the experts at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration are more than happy to help turn your nightmare situation back into your dream.

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