storm hitsWhat If the Storm Hits and You’re Not Prepared?

With every emergency situation that can present itself, it is better to be prepared for the worst. While we all may have the best intentions of preparing for disaster, sometimes things happen before we can be completely prepared.

Don’t let this happen to your home and family, take any necessary preparations beforehand. If you do find yourself in the face of disaster before you have made preparations, there are a few things that can be done. Prepare for the emergencies that are common in your area.

Remain Calm

Those who haven’t properly prepared in emergency situations have a tendency to panic, thinking in hindsight of all the things that could have been done to prepare. This will only cause more problems, causing you to hyperventilate, pass out, or otherwise be out of commission to take action. Take deep breaths and let yourself think through your situation.

Remaining calm is especially important for those who must take care of others in this situation. Don’t let your panic influence others. Now is the time to work together quickly to diffuse the situation. The steps that will need to be taken will be different depending on the disaster, or whether it is a natural disaster or on a smaller scale.

Determine What you Need to Do

The disaster has hit, but you aren’t prepared, what do you do? Your course of action may be marred by your lack of planning, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit idly by. Use the resources that you may have around you to improve your situation.

During the disaster, focus on your safety and the safety of those around you. Work quickly, but don’t act rashly. If you feel yourself becoming worked up, slow down and take deep breaths. If it is feasible, call emergency responders for help. They can help talk you through the incident, ensuring you remain calm while help is on the way.

After the Incident

In the case of a major storm, earthquake, tornado, hurricane or other natural disaster, the damage may be widespread. Lines of communications will likely be damaged or inhibited in some way. Assess the damage in your home and around your neighborhood, making sure things are in order here.

Those who have not prepared through food storage and basic medical supplies in the home will face more problems than those who have properly prepared. Depending on the magnitude of the storm or disaster, access to food and clean water may be limited. Go through your home and assess what you have that can be used in the future, ensuring food that will not spoil is kept secure.

While there are steps that can be taken after a disaster hits, it is best to make preparations beforehand. This will give you a better chance to come out of these unfortunate events safe. Prepare your family for these potential problems, ensuring everyone knows evacuation and post disaster plans.