Losing a house to a disaster can take a huge emotional toll on homeowners and their families. Josh Contraguerro, Vice President of Marketing, explains how Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration goes above and beyond to help them recover.

Often, during a presentation or conversation about disaster cleanup and restoration, the emphasis is placed on the damage and repair of the structure alone. As unbelievable as it may seem, I try to make the reconstruction aspect a small portion of my presentations and conversations. Why? Well, focusing on the structure of a house seems impersonal to me when a family or business owner may potentially lose some of the most treasured items in their lives.

We could build any structure with four walls, a few windows, a door and a roof and call it a house. But we cannot build what really makes a house your home. The personal items that mean the most to people cannot be replaced. Our expectations are to give a family or business owner a feeling of normalcy and relief as quickly as possible.

Anyone can see reconstruction progress being made on a house after it’s been damaged. However, this is not the part of the job that leaves our company feeling capable and full of joy. We take pride in some of our procedures that ensure the homeowners and families get their “home” back, not just their “house.”

How Panhandle Helps Restore the Feeling of Home

Once the personal property is collected and inventoried, the restoration process begins. There are several measures taken to restore the items, including the use of our Esporta Wash System. Once the restoration of personal property is complete, the items are returned to the owner. In this industry, there is nothing that can compare to placing a restored 3rd generation family heirloom back into the hands of its owner after it was completely blackened by soot. Or, seeing a little girl’s unforgettable grin when she reunites with her doll that her parents could never imagine replacing. The stories are endless but with each a cherished memory remains.

It may seem that these “items” are merely a small piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle during the reconstruction process. However, without those small personal prized possessions, you would only have your “house,” not your “home.”