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Summer Storms: Staying Safe and Preparing

As summer approaches, storm season does as well. Summer storms are routine occurrences throughout the U.S, though some regions experience more storms than others. From heavy thunderstorms in the Southeast to tornadoes in the Midwest, preparing for summer storms is important for staying safe.

Storm Preparation

If you live in an area prone to severe summer storms, taking steps to prepare can keep you personally safe and help to minimize damages. Too often it is impossible to avoid damages if a tornado or severe flood occur, however, understanding the risks and doing what you can to prepare can mitigate some destruction. Make sure that you monitor the weather forecasts during storm season and watch for severe storm alerts and warnings.

Always have an emergency response plan in place to respond to a severe storm. These plans can apply to flooding, tornadoes, and electrical storms. Keeping a disaster preparedness kit in your home and vehicle will ensure that you are always prepared in the event of disaster conditions.

Taking steps to secure your home from summer storm damage is also a good idea, This can range from constructing flood barriers to having a storm shelter for tornadoes. Keeping a list of things to do during a severe storm and rehearsing a response can further help your preparation. This could include knowing where the shut off valves and switches for the water and power are, securing items that may fall and cause injuries, and sealing and securing walls and windows from potential wind and water damage.

Remaining Safe

Personal safety during storms is the top priority. While most summer storm aren’t a serious threat to personal safety, understanding the risks is still important. Lightning storms can knock out power and start fires easily, tornadoes can level entire towns, and flash floods can strike and overwhelm with little warning. Having a plan to remain safe in your home or evacuate if needed is essential to keeping yourself secure.

During a tornado, seeking shelter underground or in the interior of a building away from windows is important for safety. For floods, getting to higher ground is the objective. Shutting off utilities and appliances and building flood barriers is important, but evacuation is sometimes the most crucial thing you can do to ensure your personal safety. Summer storms can be majestic, powerful, and very devastating, so be sure to take measures to prepare for the worst and keep yourself and your secure.