Summer Disaster Preparedness

The heat of summer is upon us. While summer is a time of fun, sports, barbecues, parties and more, it is also a time when an alarming number of accidents can occur. Better protect yourself and your family by preparing for common summer disasters, and knowing how to react in the face of each of these. By making these simple yet essential preparations, you will be better prepared for whatever challenges are thrown your way.

Prepare for Natural Disasters

high water

An unfortunate number of natural disasters can occur during the warm summer months. This includes things like hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and monsoons. In addition to this, it is still crucial to plan for other disasters that can just as easily happen in the summer as any other month including earthquakes. Know which disasters are common in your area, and how to best prepare for them. Being aware is the first step in the process. Use the summer to start effectively building what you need to prepare. By doing this first, you will have a better chance of staying safe.

Have an Evacuation Plan

first aid kit

A disaster can happen at any time whether that is on a large scale in your city, or on a smaller scale within your own home. To better prepare yourself from danger, it is important to have an evacuation plan that everyone can follow. Consider pets, the elderly, and young children that may frequent your home before setting this plan into place. Put together a 72-hour kit for every member in the home of what will be needed in the face of disaster. Have these kits near the door or even in the trunk of your car to make it easier to leave in a hurry.

Create a Family Emergency Binder


During a disaster it is important to have all your family’s essential documents in one convenient location. This will help get the treatment needed in a potential medical disaster. This includes not only the people in your home, but the pets as well. Some of the important documentation that will be needed her include copies of birth certificates, social security cards, and drivers licenses, wills, medical records, mortgage information, insurance policies, passports, medical information, emergency contacts, and more. Be sure to have the information you will need most in the face of disaster.

This summer start preparing your family for the potential of disaster. By growing your food storage and other supplies week by week, you will be ready for anything that can be thrown your way. Make these changes and become familiar with the potential disasters that can affect your neighborhood.