Without mold we wouldn’t have certain cheeses or medicines. However, problems can occur when mold starts to attack in unwanted places, such as our homes.

What is mold?

The world is made up of thousands of different species; it is no wonder mold can be found everywhere. Mold is neither a plant nor an animal. Rather, it is a microscopic organism that produces enzymes to digest organic materials and spores to reproduce. These organisms are part of the fungi family, and they play a key role in helping decompose debris like leaves, wood and other plants.

How does mold grow in my house?

Once a mold spore gets settled in your home, it will need moisture to begin growing and digesting whatever it can. Mold can grow in multiple places of your home on wood, tiles, wallpaper, paint, carpet, sheet rock and insulation. Once exposed to moisture or water buildup, mold can begin growing. There is no way to get rid of all mold or mold spores from your home. The only way to manage mold is by controlling the moisture within your home.

How do I know if I have mold?

Be on the lookout for white thread-like clusters of small black specks. You can commonly see them in damp bathrooms or basement walls. Mold also has a very musty odor. Seeing and smelling is the best way to know if you have a mold problem. However, hidden mold can be growing within the walls or ceiling, so you cannot always rely on your senses.

How can I control mold?

Control mold by taking care of moisture problems in your home. Stop any water leaks early. Use exhaust fans in rooms with high moisture, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Clean your home on a regular basis and increase air circulation within your home.

How do I clean mold?

Being exposed to mold can be a very dangerous situation; and you are most exposed to mold when trying to clean it. First, determine the extent of the mold problem. If the area is small, you can easily clean it up, as long as you aren’t already sick or allergic to it. If the problem is larger than expected, like between walls or under floors, then it is wise to call a professional.