Kitchen Remodel Cost

A kitchen remodeling project is a large undertaking that requires a lot of planning before you begin. A big part of that initial plan is mapping out your overall budget and cost estimation. After all, failing to have enough capital to cover your potential expenses makes the already lengthy project take longer and become more stressful, but figuring out how much you should save up can be a challenge.

In this article, you’ll find out what the three tiers of kitchen remodeling are and what they include, some average remodeling costs, and how to calculate a rough estimate for yourself. By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to come up with a rough estimate of how much your kitchen remodel project may ultimately cost.

Remodeling Tiers

Your kitchen renovation costs will depend heavily on how much you want to change. Obviously, the less you change, the cheaper it will be, but if you plan to change multiple things simultaneously, it can be difficult to understand exactly how much you should save. 

Luckily, kitchen remodeling projects can be broken into three distinct tiers, with each costing more than the last. By understanding each, you can determine which tier your project falls into and get an idea of how much remodels of that size tend to cost on average.

Small Remodels

Smaller remodels don’t change a kitchen all that much. Examples may include cheap countertop replacements, new flooring, cabinet door replacements, and other smaller details. They can range from $60 to $125 per square foot. These small replacements typically include many tasks you can do without hiring a professional, which helps make them cheaper.

Medium Remodels

A medium remodel is more intensive than a small one and includes many major changes. By selecting lightly customized cabinets, new flooring, counters, and appliances, and improving fixtures such as lights and sinks, your kitchen will start to feel and look much different. Ultimately, changes like these will come closer to bringing your dream kitchen to life. 

However, these more intensive changes come with a larger price tag. On average, medium kitchen models cost between $250 and $350 per square foot. Part of this price hike is that many of these tasks require you to hire professionals to remove old appliances or fixtures and install new ones.

Large Remodels

Large remodels are sometimes called high-end remodels, and for good reason. Not only does this size of remodel include painting walls and changing countertops, but it may also include getting custom cabinets, selecting higher-end appliances, and changing the kitchen’s layout. As expected, a remodel of this size comes with a hefty price tag and averages $250 to $350 per square foot. 

Few of these tasks can be done without a professional, and changing the kitchen’s layout can include many difficult tasks, such as electrical rewiring and plumbing changes, raising the price.

DIY vs. Professional Cost

The more of your kitchen remodel project you can do on your own, the cheaper it will be. Installing new cabinet doors, painting walls a new color, painting cabinets, and more on your own will make the remodel cheaper and quicker as you can work on your own schedule instead of waiting on a professional appointment. However, professionals are required for more intensive tasks such as installing new light fixtures, changing plumbing, and more. 

Attempting to make these changes on your own can be frustrating, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. How much you can do on your own will vary based on your comfort and experience levels, but don’t be afraid to hire a professional to get the difficult work done when necessary. It will cost more, but it will give you peace of mind knowing everything was installed correctly.

Average Estimations and Calculators

As you try to determine how much your remodel will cost, you’ll stumble across many estimates claiming to be the average cost. How each estimate was reached varies, but they tend to follow the Cost vs. Value report. 

While these numbers can help you better understand how much it may cost, don’t rely solely on them. These are averages, and the specific size of your home and the needs and wants of your household may fall outside of this average. So long as you keep this in mind as you locate and collect concrete prices for what you want in your kitchen, it shouldn’t become a problem.

There are online tools that use this average to help you calculate the cost of your remodel. While some simply take your square footage and home’s value to spit back a simple answer, others allow you to go much more in-depth. They allow you to enter the cost of your cabinets, appliances, and more to give you a more accurate estimate. 

Using these detailed calculators can be helpful, but remember that their estimates may still be slightly off as they may not consider the cost of hiring professional help in your area.

Considerations For Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Kitchen remodeling projects can be complicated. With average cost projections that may not match your needs, the cost of materials and appliances varying by location, and the potential need for professionals, it can feel quite overwhelming. However, there are tools that can help. From detailed calculators to layout design tools, you’re sure to find at least a few that help you determine the cost of your kitchen remodel. 

Once you have your numbers together, it may be wise to tack a bit more on top as a safety net. This will allow you more breathing room for when issues arise or the contractors charge a slightly higher price than expected. With all of this advice in mind, you can easily come up with a cost estimate and create a budget that will allow you to bring your dream kitchen to life.

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