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Infection Control Services for West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Eastern Ohio 

Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration is committed to providing the highest level of professional and specialized expertise in the fields of construction, mitigation and restoration. We intentionally invest in continuing education, products, systems and programs to stay on the cutting edge regarding new technology and industry trends.

The constantly changing regulatory environment makes it crucial that company’s partner with vendors that accommodate their expansion plans and growth.  Panhandle is prepared to do so both with the planning and execution of expansion plans as well as acting as an on call backup should the unthinkable happen.

To do so Panhandle has made the following investments.


The first investment Panhandle CR has made is in regards to the sensitive work we do in critical spaces including the environment of care, clean rooms, isolation rooms, ICU’s, laboratories, clinics, and other spaces where pathogen and contaminant exposure risk is high.  To that end, we have invested in the accreditation of each of our Emergency Service Managers, Project Managers as well as our Vice President in CERC or Critical Environment (Disaster) Reconstruction Contractors by the Linders Health Institute.



This ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) credential is accredited by the USGBC and the American Institute of Architects. ICRA and CERC addresses the planning and execution of safety measures, as well as compliance to the best practices for reduction of exposure risks during construction, renovation and remediation of buildings, spaces or environments in healthcare and related industries. The Institute’s ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) Course has obtained global recognition and is now used as the USGBC’s course for healthcare and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for continuing Education.

Infection Control - Panhandle

Panhandle is committed to highest compliance standards for the construction, mitigation or restoration of facilities.  These standards are specifically designed to reduce or eliminate exposure to contaminants and/or pathogens and their impact on the efficacy of products, safety of workers, and employees during and after any construction or mitigation/restoration process.


The Second investment Panhandle CR has made is in a world class disinfection technology known as Steramist BIT.  This Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) uses activated ionized hydrogen peroxide through a misting delivery platform to effectively destroy pathogenic organisms, disrupting cellular function to eliminate replication (growth) in spaces and on surfaces.  This technology is ground breaking and is currently in use at the Center for Disease Control, the Department Of Defense, Galveston National Labs and is endorsed by the Office of the President of the United States in the fight against new and emerging pathogens.





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