Frequently Asked Water Questions

Your questions answered

Can I clean up the water damage myself?

In almost all cases you will need the help of certified restoration professionals. The water may be contaminated, and there may be hidden water behind the walls or under the floor. When we come to your house, we’ll use moisture sensors to detect any hidden water sources, and we’ll make sure the area is left entirely dry.

How long will it take for the area to be dried?

Drying times vary depending on the extent of the damage. However, in most cases it will only take 3-5 days for the entire area—including areas under the floorboards and behind walls—to be completely dried. At Panhandle, we pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency, and we will get your home back to normal quickly.

Can I enter the flooded area to try save my valuables?

It is strongly recommended that you stay out of the flooded area. Even if the water came from a clean source, it may have picked up dangerous contaminants, and it may also be carrying an electric current. After we arrive, we’ll safely enter the area and assess the damage, and we’ll remove any valuables that can be salvaged.

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Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its recovery and
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