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Emergency Response Program

Disaster Preparedness & Continuity Planning for Commercial Facilities

Disasters that impact entire towns or cities can result in a huge influx of calls to local recovery companies. As a result, waiting lists can grow to be very long, and those at the bottom of the list may have to wait days before they can receive service. We know that business disasters require an especially prompt response, which is why we have developed our Emergency Response Priority Program. We understand that forced closures as a result of a disaster can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue, so we give businesses that are part of our program a priority response in the event of a disaster.

The ERP Platform

The Emergency Response Program provides a secure repository to which you can upload business documents, information, contracts, and photos that you may need to access during a major disaster. This element of preparation puts fears of paperwork or equipment being destroyed during a disaster to bed. From evacuation routes to building floor plans, contractual agreements, rate sheets, communication trees, and more, the ERP Platform provides a secure spot.

  • 24/7/365 Remote Cloud Access
  • Secure Login and Password Information
  • Upload/Download Documents From Any Device
  • Photograph Storage
  • Access Contracts & Primary Vendors
  • Utility Controls & Shutoff Locations
  • Employee Contact Information

Panhandle’s ERP platform is an intuitive environment that prepares your business and gives peace of mind when it matters most.

disaster preparedness planning

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