There are numerous disaster preparation apps for your smartphone that can help inform you of disaster risks, preparation, and help ensure that you have the knowledge you need to confront any type of disaster or emergency situation. From apps with real time reporting capabilities and interactive maps of recovery centers to weather apps and active hazard tools, smartphone technology has made disaster awareness and preparation easier and more efficient than ever before. Here are a few emergency preparedness apps that can help you prepare and stay safe during a disaster.


This is one of the most popular disaster alert apps and offers near real time disaster reporting and alerts. The app aims to provide alerts to potential disasters as soon as the information is available. Data from major weather services and user reported crowd sourcing make this app a good source for up to date disaster alerts on the go. The app download is free, but premium service for notifications is offered at $.99 per month.


This is a more interactive app with detailed preparation information for different types of disasters, emergency preparedness kits, checklists, and detailed information on staying safe and recovering from a disaster. There are also maps with FEMA disaster recovery center locations and information on getting involved in community disaster planning. If you want to have the benefit of this kind of information on the go, the FEMA app is a great place to start.

American Red Cross: Shelter View

The American Red Cross: Shelter View app allows you to stay on top of the latest shelter information updates. The app offers a map view with locations and shelter details of emergency shelter facilities across the U.S. With this app you can locate the shelter, find out the managing agency, view capacity details, and get the latest updates on the associated disaster event. You can also find the latest national disaster alerts and information through this app and even donate to the Red Cross. For important post disaster recovery information, this app is an essential tool.

Disaster Alert

This app gives you informational listings and an interactive map of active hazards around the world. These real time details include incidents designated as ‘potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets’ and comprise natural and man made disasters and emergency situations. If you travel frequently and desire to stay up to date on active hazards around the world, this is a perfect app to add to your phone or device.