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Water, Fire, Wind, and Mold Removal

Disaster recovery for businesses requires a quick and coordinated response. If your business has been affected by water, rain, fire, storms, or mold, give the commercial business recovery experts at Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration a call. We’ll respond quickly and arrive at your site within a few hours of your call.

At Panhandle, we pride ourselves on the quality of our recovery team, which is why we invest heavily in training and certification for all our crew members. Our team has decades of experience dealing with commercial recovery situations of all types. No matter the damage that affects your business, we can get you up and operating again in no time. Our quality promise includes:

  • Free damage assessment and cleanup estimate
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • 60-minute response time
  • 100% quality craftsmanship guarantee
Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial water damage and flood damage can result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your business. Besides the damage to your structure, flood water can also damage sensitive electronic equipment and important business documents. Ensure the fastest and most thorough response to the problem by calling the water damage cleanup professionals at Panhandle.

When you call Panhandle, you can know that you’ll be getting the best service possible. We’ll arrive at your site within hours of your call, and we’ll begin the recovery process immediately. A fast response can save you thousands of dollars in additional damages, since we will be able to recover everything from damaged electronic equipment to important documents. Our services include:

  • Water extraction and dehumidification
  • Mold prevention and mold remediation
  • Decontamination and deodorization
  • Document drying and contents restoration

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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration​

Fires can wreak havoc on businesses. Beyond the damage caused by the flames themselves, the smoke damage and water damage can also lead to expensive problems. Fortunately, the commercial fire damage cleanup technicians at Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration are equipped to deal with every type of damage caused by a fire, and they will be your single source provider throughout the entire recovery process.

Our team members are extensively trained and have decades of experience in all aspects of commercial fire restoration. After the fire has been extinguished, they will come to your site and create a recovery plan. They will then work closely with you and every other affected party throughout the entirety of the cleanup process. When you call Panhandle, you can know that you’re getting the best commercial fire damage restoration services.

  • Water and smoke damage cleanup
  • Contents restoration and structural cleaning
  • Decontamination and deodorization
  • Complete structural restoration
Emergency Fire Restoration
Storm Damage

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

The rain, snow, and wind can do major damage to your property. If your business has been damaged by the weather, don’t wait to start the commercial storm damage restoration and recovery process. No matter the type or extent of the damage, Panhandle can fix it. We’ll come to your site, assess the problem, and then work carefully until your business has been fully recovered.

Panhandle’s team has the experience and the equipment to deal with any kind of problem. Whether the wind has damaged the roof of your building or the rain has flooded your basement, we will be able to make it right again. Over the past several decades in the industry we have developed a reputation for the quality and efficiency of our commercial storm restoration and repair services. Our commercial storm damage cleanup process includes:

  • Interior and exterior repairs
  • Full reconstruction services
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Wind damage cleanup

Commercial Mold Removal

Mold growth can threaten the health of your employees. If you have any reason to suspect problems with indoor air quality in your business, call Panhandle today for a free commercial mold remediation assessment. Our licensed and certified professionals can test your building for mold. If mold or another problem is detected, we can send in our professional environmental commercial mold remediation team right away to take care of it.

Our commercial mold removal professionals work efficiently and thoroughly to make sure that the problem is completely fixed. Throughout the commercial mold remediation process they will use air scrubbers to contain the growth and to ensure that it doesn’t spread to other parts of your business. No matter how far the mold has spread, we’ll contain the area and make sure that the area is made completely safe.

  • Containment of mold growth area
  • Complete removal of mold
  • Sealing off of moisture source
  • Dehumidification of affected area
Commercial Mold Damage

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