Bob Contraguerro Jr. Receives 2010 DKI Spirit Award

Disaster Kleenup International Inc. (DKI), North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, honored Bob Contraguerro Jr. of Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration with the 2010 DKI Spirit Award at the annual DKI Awards Ceremony in January.

The DKI Spirit Award is given to an individual member of the DKI organization. Distinguishing characteristics include: selfless giving of one’s time to help other DKI member companies, actively participate in the daily life of DKI via service in chapter leadership roles, encouraging prospective members to join the DKI network, constantly suggesting ways to improve DKI and is a constant promotion of the DKI brand to the external marketplace.

Contraguerro is the Vice President at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration, which has been serving the Ohio Valley and the state of West Virginia since 1977. Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration has been a member of DKI since 2003. Contraguerro continues to bring new insights to the restoration industry by starting in-house. “We (Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration) continue to stress the importance of technology and education to our staff in this rapidly changing industry,” commented Contraguerro. “That is why we expanded our facility, in order to accommodate for new machinery and state-of-the-art restoration technology. We now have over 55,000 square feet of facility space,” he added.

Dale Sailer, President of DKI, commented on Contraguerro’s entrepreneurial spirit, which made him the top candidate for the DKI Spirit Award. “Since joining DKI, Bob has slowly assumed the mantel of organizational leadership in the family business and has immersed himself in everything that DKI offers its members. This includes training, co-op purchasing, networking, and alliances with DKI’s strategic partners. He has used every good idea that he has found amongst his peers and leveraged that information to make his business better. Bob embodies everything that the DKI Spirit Award stands for and we were proud to present him with this award.”

Contraguerro was honored with this award at the Insight 2010: Property Restoration Conference and Tradeshow in Miami, Florida.