The importance of disaster planning can’t be stressed enough. Fortunately, the planning process has become a lot easier with smartphone technology and the many apps that are available for your phone. There are numerous disaster planning apps built expressly to help you prepare for a natural disaster or other emergency situation. These apps have the capability to do everything from itemizing lists, checking forecasts, receiving up to date local alerts, giving info on shelters and relief centers, and syncing information with your social media network. The versatile capabilities of disaster preparation apps make getting yourself ready for the worst easier than ever.

From the ‘Know Your Plan’ app to the American Red Cross disaster planning app, there are dozens to choose from and all offer something of use for disaster preparation. The convenience aspect, of course, is one of the primary benefits of using these types of apps. Receiving alerts and being able to quickly access relevant information about specific kinds of disasters is highly valuable–especially on the go. What’s more, getting updates on weather and local disaster alerts could be lifesaving. Maps with shelter locations and disaster relief centers is also very handy to have in the aftermath of a disaster–particularly when power is down.

One great additional features of many disaster planning apps is the ability to customize and share disaster planning checklists across your social network, so you can ensure that those close to you are prepared as well. Planning for disasters isn’t limited to yourself; helping and making others aware of the importance of preparation is just as critical to safety. While some disasters can’t be predicted or forecasted in the same way as others, the nature of preparedness is the same across the disaster spectrum. Download some apps and start planning accordingly. One day, you’ll be glad you did.