The Cleaning Secret: Janitor Tips & Tricks

Janitors have seen it all. Through their time working to keep the buildings they clean in the best condition, they run into some interesting and unique problems. Because of this, they know the “cleaning secret.” Janitorial cleaning leads to some of  the best tips and tricks for cleaning effectively. Take a look at some of these janitor cleaning secrets and how you can incorporate them into your own cleaning techniques.

Cleaning Materials

Commercial cleaning supplies may be good in some situations, but they aren’t always the best option. Cleaning supplies have been known to bother some people’s allergies, causing more problems than they are worth. Instead there are a few other household cleaners that can be just as effective, cost less, and potentially get the job done better. These are used by janitors to get the job done in sticky situations:

  • Ammonia – this will have a significant impact on grease, and is a powerful cleaner for windows.
  • Baking Soda – for those bad smells in your home, use baking soda to deodorize and remove stains.
  • Bleach – this product is used as a whitener and can remove some of the toughest problems. Use on small cases of mold and mildew, or use to disinfect an area.
  • Ketchup – use ketchup to clean copper, getting it shining better than ever.
  • Vegetable oil – this can be used as a furniture polish.
  • Corn starch – use this to deodorize the carpet and the rugs periodically.

When it comes to the cleaning in your home, make sure to use these common cleaners, and those that are less well known. By getting the right cleaner when you need it, the job will be much easier to handle.

Top Janitorial Tips

Janitors have encountered some of the most stubborn cleaning problems imaginable. Because of this, they have picked up tricks most people wouldn’t even think of. Learn what commercial cleaning techniques can do in your home or business to remove some of the most unpleasant problems:

  • To remove rust from your kitchen or laundry room sink, pour baking soda where the rust rests and let it sit overnight. It will be easy to scrub away in the morning.
  • If there are young boys in the house, rough housing is common. Bloody noses and other minor injuries are common in these situations. Use a baby wipe on a blood stained carpet, rubbing in circular motions. This will bring up the stain faster than anything else.
  • Crayon marks are a major annoyance and can ruin the walls in your home. Use a soft cloth with WD-40 and wipe down the spot. This is safe to use on painted walls when the WD-40 is sprayed directly onto the cloth.
  • When your toilet clogs, first try squirting dish washing liquid into the bowl. Let it sit for a while before using the plunger. This will help to remove the obstruction.

There are many janitor tips and tricks that can be learned from these professionals. Use these cleaning secrets in your own home to ensure the big problems in your home can be taken care of in an effective way.