In an effort to keep young children safe, the Wheeling Fire Department and Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration are committed to increase awareness of fire prevention. The annual Fire Safety and Burn Prevention education program supplies diversified materials that are targeted to the youth in Ohio County.

Through monetary support from Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration, the Wheeling Fire Department coordinates and distributes educational fire safety marketing geared to pre-school and elementary school children throughout Ohio County. “The materials we selected for use is designed by the National Fire Safety Council to reach child’s age level learning,” commented City of Wheeling, Fire Chief, Larry Helms. “We have found the subject matter to be enthusiastically received by parents, teachers and children,” he adds.

Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration President, Bob Contraguerro Sr. said, “Fire safety is an important issue. It is never too early to promote awareness to young children. We at Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration believe that knowledge and education is the best resource to prepare for the unthinkable. We are proud to support the efforts of the City of Wheeling’s Fire Department and to help protect the youth of Ohio County.”

The Fire Safety and Burn Prevention education program has ran throughout the 2009-2010 school year and will continue with the annual program next school year. For more information, or to obtain Fire Safety education materials, please contact the Wheeling Fire Department at: 304-234-3776.