Fire Damage Repair


Professional Fire Damage Repair Services

Emergency Fire Boardup & Tarping

When your home or business is damaged in a fire related disaster, it is often left exposed to the elements. Broken windows, damaged doors, and compromised walls or roofing can leave your property vulnerable to further damages.

At Panhandle Restoration, we offer emergency fire board up and tarping services. Our technicians will arrive at your property, and after a through inspection of the damages, begin to secure any damaged or exposed areas to prevent inclement weather, wild animals, even vandals from getting into your home or business.

Common Types of Fire Damage

Flame Damage

Smoke Damage

Heat Damage

Water Damage

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Fire Damage Restoration & Repair

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire related disasters cause a significant amount of damage. Beyond just charred and fire damaged materials, a fire will cause excessive amounts of soot and smoke damage, and due to the extinguishing methods uses will often include water damage. This is why calling a fire damage restoration company, like Panhandle Restoration, is so important.

A professional company will have the equipment and experience needed to handle every aspect of the fire damage, and a turn key restoration company like Panhandle will take care of every aspect of fire damage restoration. From initial inspection and board up, all the way through the final repairs, you can count on us to get your property back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

When you call Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration, we will immediately send a technician to your property to review the damages caused by the disaster. With this consultation our technician will collect all of the available information to prepare a repair plan for you with accurate cost and timeline projections.

Removing any standing water is the first step towards restoring your property and will be our main priority. Our technicians will immediately begin extracting water from your property utilizing our industry-leading equipment. We will then work to dry the property to ensure it is protected from further damage.

Once the water is removed, we will transition our energy to cleaning up and removing any smoke and soot damage. Smoke can travel well beyond the range of the fire damage, so we will work to identify the extent of the damage and address it.

Once the property is cleaned and dried we can start on the repair process. Our technicians will identify the areas that need repair and begin to address the damage. Our team will work to restore the water damage that we find in order to fully restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

While the cleanup process is finished, there is a chance that your property may still need repairs in order to restore it to its original glory. Panhandled Cleaning & Restoration offers full-service fire damage restoration services that you can trust.

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