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Professional Cleanup for New Construction Projects

New Construction Cleanup Services

When the construction is done, the contractor may leave it up to you, the home or business owner, to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, all that debris, dust, and dirt can be quite hard to cleanup on your own. When you’re in need of cleanup services after any sort of construction project, give the professionals at Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration a call.

We can do everything from picking up any remaining debris and trash to deep cleaning all the surfaces in the affected areas of your home or business. We’ll clean the interior and exterior of the site. If you have any areas of special concern, we will focus on them so they meet your standards of cleanliness and so you can be sure to pass any post-construction site walks and inspections.

If the construction crew left a mess in the Tri-state area, give Panhandle a call. We’ll be happy to come to your property and take care of all the new construction cleanup so you can take full advantage of the newly finished project. Our new construction cleanup in Wheeling, WV; Morgantown, WV; Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas is efficient and thorough, so you can know that you’re getting the best services possible.

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