How to Prepare for Spring Storms

The team at Panhandle has certainly been enjoying the change of season and the warm weather that Spring has brought. Sunshine now doesn’t mean we are in the clear though! Unfortunately, Spring can be a prime time for storms. As such, we’ve compile a few tips to help you prepare your property for spring storms.

Spring Storm Hazards & Preparation Tips

There are several components of spring storms that can wreak havoc on local homes and businesses. To ensure you’re ready for the elements, consider these spring storm preparation tips:

1. Heavy Rains

Rain is a major cause of extensive water and flood damage. Left untreated, water damage can lead to structural instability, rotting, warping, mold growth, and collapse. Prevent this with these guidelines:

  • Point gutters and downspouts away from your home.
  • Clear leaves, sticks, acorns, and other debris from gutter entry points to eliminate blockages that could direct water back into your home.
  • Utilize splash blocks at the outlet points of the downspouts.
  • Install underground pipes to carry water even further away from the home and its foundation.
  • Consider investing in flood insurance if you haven’t already. You should be aware that the average homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover flood damage.

2. Strong Winds

With the right amount of gust, winds can be incredibly dangerous. Not only does the wind sling debris, it can also rattle trees and limbs, causing them to fall. Check around your house:

  • Inspect trees, fences, and other items that could suffer damage.
  • Cut overhanging limbs, branches, and foliage that threaten the roof, windows, outside walls, fences, or deck.
  • When a storm is coming, secure patio furniture, toys, and yard equipment that could potentially hit your property.
  • Park cars out of striking damage of trees and limbs.

3. Hail Damage

Hail are frozen balls of ice that can fall even on the warmest days. While a fascinating phenomena, hail can be extremely hazardous to homes, cars, and even people. Avoid significant hail damage:

  • Park cars inside the garage or under a carport to ensure hail does not damage the paint finish or glass.
  • If you do not have a covered area to park under, use blankets over the glass to minimize the impact.
  • During hail, close windows, blinds, and curtains in the event of a broken window.
  • Move fragile pots and patio furniture out of the path of hail.
  • Contact your insurance agent immediately if you suffer hail damage.

Protect Your Property With These Spring Storm Preparation Tips

Any type of damage to your property is stressful, but storm damage can be especially significant. Do not delay! Contact Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration for storm board up, storm damage cleanup, and storm damage repairs. We respond 24/7/365 to assist you.