Summer Disaster Preparedness

The heat of summer is upon us. While summer is a time of fun, sports, barbecues, parties and more, it is also a time when an alarming number of accidents can occur. Better protect yourself and your family by preparing for common summer disasters, and knowing how to react in the face of each of […]

Disaster Apps to Help You Stay Safe

There are numerous disaster preparation apps for your smartphone that can help inform you of disaster risks, preparation, and help ensure that you have the knowledge you need to confront any type of disaster or emergency situation. From apps with real time reporting capabilities and interactive maps of recovery centers to weather apps and active […]

Water Purification Tips for Disasters

Water Purification

When a large scale disaster strikes, it is difficult for help to arrive and serve everyone in need, especially if it is in a heavily populated area. Know how to prepare your home and family should you find yourself in a situation such as this. Learning essential skills such as water purification will help ensure […]

What If the Storm Hits and You’re Not Prepared?

Rain Gutters

What If the Storm Hits and You’re Not Prepared? With every emergency situation that can present itself, it is better to be prepared for the worst. While we all may have the best intentions of preparing for disaster, sometimes things happen before we can be completely prepared. Don’t let this happen to your home and […]

How Not to Thaw Frozen Pipes: A Cautionary Tale

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

How Not to Thaw Frozen Pipes: A Cautionary Tale A recent story in the local Pittsburgh news recounts a man burning his house down after attempting to thaw frozen pipes in the basement with a heater and hair dryer. The man allegedly fell asleep after rigging this system and awoke to popping sounds, eventually leading […]

Summer Storms: Staying Safe and Preparing

Flood Cleanup

Summer Storms: Staying Safe and Preparing As summer approaches, storm season does as well. Summer storms are routine occurrences throughout the U.S, though some regions experience more storms than others. From heavy thunderstorms in the Southeast to tornadoes in the Midwest, preparing for summer storms is important for staying safe. Storm Preparation If you live in […]