Dealing with a flooded basement can be stressful. So can removing mold from your home. Before these issues get to this point, there are ways to prevent damage. Look for the signs of water leaks before they have a chance to cause true damage.


The sound of water dripping is the first obvious sign that there is a leak in your home. When all sources of water that you are aware of are turned off and the noise is still audible, this is an indication of a serious problem. The most common places for hidden water leaks are:

leak 1

If you can hear water dripping from behind a wall, find the source and stop it before it becomes an even bigger problem. Call for help if the problem persists with no clear indication of where it is coming from.

Water pressure

If you have noticed any drastic changes in water pressure for your sink or shower, this could mean a water leak is taking away the supply. If a water pipe near these structures has been damaged, it will cause the water pressure to be much less than it should.

Low water pressure could also be an indication of:

leak 2

As soon as the change in water pressure happens, find the source of the problem. Don’t allow it to get any worse. Search through these possible sources to find the best solution.

Take care of a water leak before the damage can happen. Even a small leak can result in a serious blow to your home, as well as your wallet. Contact the best in disaster restoration to mend the problem as quickly as possible. No matter the situation, you can rest assured your problem will be taken care of in the best way.