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24 hour water damage repairs

Expert Water Damage Repairs

Water damage caused by a water disaster can have devastating consequences for the structures and fixtures in your property. Fortunately, Panhandler Restoration offers IICRC-certified water damage repairs to help restore your property from water damage. Give us a call today to receive your free water damage inspection complete with accurate cost and timeline estimates. We are the most trusted water repair company in the area.

Full Service Water Damage Repairs

Full-Service Water Damage Repairs

At Panhandle Restoration, we are a licensed general contractor with extensive experience in the construction and water damage restoration industries. This enables us to complete even the largest and most complex water damage repairs while maintaining an unmatched level of professionalism and craftsmanship. Panhandle Restoration is your locally trusted full service water damage repairs company that you can rely on to restore your home or business to its pre-disaster condition. Give us a call at the first sign of water damage, and we’ll send out a licensed technician to your property, for free, to conduct an inspection and build out a water damage repair plan tailored to your specific situation.

The Water Removal Process

The Water Repair Process

Water damage can be caused by many different types of disasters. While the cleanup and restoration project may alter based on the extent of the damages, the restoration process generally follows the same steps. The water restoration process includes:

  • Water Removal Services
  • Damaged Building Material Removal
  • Document drying and furniture refinishing
  • Decontamination of entire area
  • Complete dehumidification and drying of all affected areas
  • Mold remediation and mildew control
  • Water Damage Repairs

Can I make the water damage repairs myself?

When it comes to water repairs, it’s always best to call the professionals. Causing further damage to integral structures or underestimating the extent of the damage is a good way to cost yourself a lot of money. Trust Panhandle Restoration to take care of all of your water damage repair needs in a safe and professional manner.

What are the most common water damage repairs?

Water damage is unique in that it can manifest in more ways than you can imagine, and each type of disaster will leave you to make different repairs. The most common repairs that we come across include appliance installation errors or malfunctions, bathroom leaks or spills, sewage backup or overflow, and storm or rain damage.

Are water damage repairs covered by insurance?

As long as the water damage was caused by a disaster that is covered by your homeowner’s or accessory insurance plan, the water damage repairs will also be covered. To ensure that your specific plan does in fact cover the repairs, we recommend you make a call to your insurance provider and have them walk your through your specific coverage.

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