Pipe Burst Cleanup and Restoration

pipe burst water damage

As temperatures drop, the threat of burst pipes increases. Burst pipes occur when water inside pipes begins to freeze and expand, exerting a lot of pressure on the inner wall of the pipe. In some cases, this pressure can cause the frozen pipe to break. Needless to say, as soon as the ice in a burst pipe thaws, it can begin to flood your home and do a significant amount of damage.

Pipes that run through un-insulated areas of your home are especially vulnerable, as they are more sensitive to outside temperature changes. The tri-state area of PA and WV can be hit hard by the winter weather, and frozen pipes are often the result. Homeowners are advised to take steps to winterize their homes. This can be as simple as investing in heat tape for vulnerable pipes and keeping faucets on a steady drip at night.

If a pipe in your home or business has already burst, call the water damage professionals at Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration. We’re a full service contractor, which means that after we’re done cleaning up all the water, we’ll also fix the pipe and take steps to winterize your home.

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