Contents Restoration & Cleaning Services

One stop recovery services

After a serious disaster that affects a large portion of your home, you may assume that most of your valuables are unrecoverable. Fortunately, at Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration we have the equipment and the knowledge necessary to restore all your valuables to their pre-disaster condition. Whatever your contents restoration needs, we can handle them!

Disaster Cleanup Services

Full service restoration

Each type of item requires its own customized restoration process. When we arrive at your house, we’ll sort all your items and create a computerized inventory of everything that was damaged. Some will be cleaned on site, while others will be shipped to our state-of-the-art contents cleaning facility where our advanced contents restoration team will work on them. Our services include:

  • Free assessment and estimates
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • 60-minute response time
  • 24-hour turnaround on emergency items
  • 100% quality guarantee

Panhandle Recovery

Restoring your valuables

You can be assured that Panhandle will give you the best service possible. We’ll treat all your possessions with the utmost care as we put them through the complete restoration process, which includes sanitization and deodorization. When we return them to you they will be in the condition they were in before the fire. Items that can be restored include:

  • Electronics (including computers and televisions)
  • Documents and photos
  • Antiques and heirlooms
  • Furniture, upholstery, and bedding

What can be restored?

Just about anything! Our advanced contents restoration division is equipped to deal with just about any kind of item, ranging from electronics to furniture to soft items like clothing and bedding. No matter the item, we’ll be able to restore it to the condition it was in before the disaster.

Will contents restoration save me money?

Yes! Compared to the cost of replacement, contents restoration can save you hundreds of dollars per item. It is especially useful for items like electronics and antiques that are quite costly to replace. Additionally, contents restoration can restore invaluable and irreplaceable items like computer data and family heirlooms.

Will my insurance provider cover the cost of contents restoration?

If the cause of the damage is covered by your policy, then your provider should pay for restoration. In fact, insurance companies like contents restoration because it saves them the cost of having to replace items. Remember, Panhandle will always work with you and your provider to pay as little as possible out of your own pocket.

Technology Matters!

The Esporta Wash System

A recently developed technology has revolutionized the contents restoration industry. The Esporta Wash System is designed to completely restore any kind of soft good, including clothing, bedding, sporting equipment, footwear, and leather goods.
The Esporta system is powerful enough to clean, sanitize, and deodorize even the most heavily damaged goods, yet gentle enough to handle even the most fragile items.
Panhandle is the only Certified Esporta Operator in West Virginia, which means that you can count on us to restore even your most damaged possessions!

Peace of mind with 100% Satisfaction!

Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its recovery and
restoration services. If something goes wrong with our work, we’ll come back and make it right.
Panhandle provides the service you can trust.

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