More home fires occur in winter than any other time of the year—and a majority of those fires begin in the kitchen. For that reason, it’s extremely important that anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows some of the basic rules of fire safety. By knowing and following a few basic precautions, you can prevent catastrophe.

kitchen fire damage restoration
Stovetop fires can flare up in seconds.

How to prevent fires

Here are a few basic rules that will help prevent a majority of kitchen fires:

What to do if a fire starts

If a fire starts in your kitchen, you have only moments to prevent it from getting worse and potentially engulfing your entire home. Here are some guidelines for how to react to a kitchen fire.

By teaching these rules to your family members, you can help prevent a devastating fire.

If a fire does start in your home, call the Panhandle fire restoration professionals for fast and affordable disaster cleanup and repair services!