Emergency Response Program

commercial emergency response program

Commercial Emergency Disaster Planning

No business or commercial operation is immune to disaster. Even with proper planning measures in place, a restoration emergency can leave your facility inoperable, seriously hindering your profitability and productivity. One aspect of a business continuity plan that is often overlooked is how you will restore the space to pre-loss condition and restore functionality of the premises. Fortunately, Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration offers a solution that cares for the items that must be done to weather a crisis, while also addressing how to get you back in business afterwards. Our emergency preparedness plan affords you priority status for restoration services after a disaster. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have a team of experts behind you for support.  The Emergency Response Program sees your commercial use space through difficult times.

Business Preparedness & Continuity Planning for Commercial Facilities

Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration is your trusted Commercial Emergency Response Program coordinator. We welcome you to the program by conducting a site survey of the property, during which we will collect pertinent data to curate an effective disaster mitigation plan.  Should an event occur, we will be ready to help with the necessary equipment, personnel, and expertise to help you get back to business. If there is an area-wide disaster, you will be given preference for emergency restoration services as part of your participation in the Commercial Emergency Response Program. Contact us today to get started!

erp platform

The ERP Platform

The Emergency Response Program platform is a secure, online house for your business document, contracts, photos, and other information that you may need on hand during an emergency. 24/7 access rids of the potential of papers or equipment being destroyed and your data lost. Many of our clients choose to include the likes of evacuation routes, floor plans, contractual agreements, vendor information, rate sheets, and communication trees to keep their operations running when it matters most. The ERP platform offers:

  • 24/7/365 Cloud & Remote Access
  • Secure Login Credentials
  • Upload/Download Capability From Any Device
  • Photo Storage
  • Access to Contracts & Primary Vendors
  • Utility Controls & Shutoff Locations
  • Employee Contact Information

With an intuitive, simple interface, the ERP platform aids in your recovery. Not only will your business be prepared, it will also be proactive in responding to disaster.


What is the cost of failing to prepare for disaster?

We’ve seen widespread destruction and devastation first-hand. The commercial clients who were able to bounce back after a disaster all had one thing in common — they were prepared. Consider the risks of failing to prepare for an emergency:

  • Secondary damages – Mold, smoke damage, standing water, and compromised structures exponentially increase the cost of restoration.
  • Downtime – If your property is destroyed, day-to-day procedures cannot proceed as usual, taking money out of your pocket.
  • Lost employees – Without proper disaster planning in place, your staff may search for work with an employer who was better prepared.
  • Losing your business – FEMA reports that 40-60% of small business owners never reopen their doors following a major loss. An emergency plan keeps your dream alive during a crisis.
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